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    hoofdstuk 1.voorwoord. atha yoga_anushãsanam hier nu is de uiteenzetting aangaande de yogaleer.-ooo-de yoga-sutra van patañjali is ongetwijfeld het oudste en tevens ...
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    raja yoga the yoga sutra’s of patanjali according to shri yogacharya ajita this book is the basis of the age old, classical yoga. it describes this whole science in an
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    yoga sutras of patanjali swami jnaneshvara bharati page 3 of 63 04 table of contents of yoga sutras chapter 1: concentration (samadhi pada ...
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    nl.tripurashakti.com — abhyasa ashram nl 1 yoga sutras van patanjali interpretatieve vertaling*
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    yoga is het stopzetten van de veranderingen in de geest. 1.3. dan is de waarnemer zichzelf. 1.4. in het andere geval identificeert de waarnemer zich met de ...
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    patanjali yoga sutras 4 reaching, the goal. this statement, though, apparently, very nice, is also absurd, because there is no such thing as motion
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    the yoga sutras of patanjali introduction, commentaries, and translation ... the yoga sutra, is not a philosophy book to be studied with the intellect or ordinary
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    koninklijke yoga de yoga sutra’s van patanjali volgens shri yogacharya ajita dit boek is de basis van de oeroude, klassieke yoga. het beschrijft deze gehele wetenschap
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    8 echo du yoga 63 domaines de l’intelligence. grâce au travail des grammairiens, le sanskrit a pu développer une capacité exceptionnelle d’adaptation à
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    yoga sutras of patanjali: an overview by yogacharya dr. ananda balayogi bhavanani 1 ... the patanjala yoga sutra consists of short succinct sutras that run together
  • - yoga sutras of patanjali: an overview - *** icyer
    yoga sutras of patanjali: an overview by yogacharya dr. ananda balayogi bhavanani 1 ... the patanjala yoga sutra consists of short succinct sutras that run together
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    sanskrit pronunciation guide sanskrit’s breadth of expression comes in part from using the entire mouth for pronunciation, and from elongating accented vowels.
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    de yoga-sutra’s van patanjali deze inleidende tekst is een bewer-king uit “meditatie, een bundel essays”, een uitgave van de theosofische ver-
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    enlightened living (yoga sutra of patanjali) by swami venkatesananda 3 foreword when yoga is becoming more and more popular and being recognised as universal,
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    yoga sutras of patanjali • section i - the sutras - raghagavan iyer, ed. o book i - samadhi pada o book ii - kriya yoga o book iii - vibhuti pada
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    yoga is the suppression of the modifications of the mind. 3 then the seer abides in itself. 4. at other times the seer appears to assume the form of the modification ...
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    the essential yoga sutra ancient wisdom for your yoga geshe michael roach & christie mcnally
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    samen de yoga-sūtra ontdekken ulrich libbrecht schrijft: “er bestaat over yoga een oeroud boekje door ene patañjali geschreven. het is zo onooglijk kort, zonder ...
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    yoga sutra on stress an interview with t.k.v. desikachar the yoga sutra presents the potentials of the hunian mind, the means to its refinement, control and clarity ...
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    bks iyengar yoga link – june (winter) 2011 1 light on the yoga sutras of patanjali ii.52 tatah ksiyate prakasa avaranam tatah from that, then
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    echo du yoga 68 12 yoga sutras si on nous dit que nos vies antérieu-res ont laissé des traces dans notre comportement actuel, certains se délecteront de ce genre d ...
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    celibacy, yoga asanas, pranayama, and finally nearly infinite ... sutra desired effect name, form, idea knowledge of the speech of all beings (human,
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    3 includes translation of original text of patanjali’s yoga-sutra and bhojaraja’s commentary. provides the original sansktrit sutras. basu, b. d., ed.
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    yoga sutras. chapter 1 page 1 of 8 yoga mandir ©, canberra, australia. www.yogamandir.com.au ...
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    our books bhagavad gita gheranda samhita hatha yoga pradipika kamasutra shiva samhita
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    page 2 of 5 yogasutrasbasics081205 descriptions of the first five of the yoga sutras: sutra 1: • sanskrit: atha yoga anushasanam • english: now, at this ...
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    1 yoga sutra ヨーガスートラは、パタンジャリ師がそれまでに散在していたヨガの思想や行法を系統づけて編纂し、
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    introduction to book i the yoga sutras of patanjali are in themselves exceedingly brief, less than ten pages of large type in the original. yet they contain the ...
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    yoga sutras de patanjali – traducción de dharmachari swami maitreyananda 3 17. la concentración llamada recto conocimiento es aquella que va acompañada de
  • - reading the yoga sutra in the twenty­ first century
    1 chapter 1 reading the yoga sutra in the twenty­ first century modern challenges, ancient strategies in the united states, where an estimated seventeen

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